10 Signs You’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur Who's Making a Difference

A Spiritual Entrepreneur has a spiritual practice or heart-centered lifestyle and chooses to make a difference in the world through their business.

Coaches, therapists and healers are often in this group, but a “Spiritual Entrepreneur” might as easily be a designer, photographer or virtual assistant.

It’s more about the essence of who you are.

If you’re wondering whether you’ve joined the ranks of Spiritual Entrepreneurs and heart-centered business, check out this list.

#1 – You’re a Tranformation junkie.

You may call yourself a lightworker or revolutionary, but you’re in LOVE with personal development and transformation. It may or may not be a part of your business, but you invest a significant amount of money each year on coaching, trainings, workshops and events designed to expand your consciousness and improve your mindset.

#2 – You’re not “all about the money.”

While the most traditional motivation for business is to make a profit, you’re about making a contribution first. You may consider what you a “spiritual service” with the added bonus that it lets you pay the bills. Or you love the freedom and generosity that wealth provides from doing something you really love. But if money wasn’t an object, you’d probably do what you do for free.

#3 – You have passionate beliefs about what’s “wrong” with the world and what should be done about it.

You see something in the world you’d like to change. The environment. Health care. Education. Government. Poverty. Crime. You not only see the problem; you’ve created a business that lets you do something about it.

#4 – You have deep compassion for others.

When you look out into the world, you’re moved by what you see. You may even feel it in your body and call yourself an “empath.” However you experience it personally, you are deeply connected to people, your community and the planet.

#5 – Clients get much more than they expect when they hire you.

You don’t “just” provide a product or service. Yours is a gift with dimensions that are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. A client comes to you thinking they’re going to get one result, but the transformation that results is far more profound than they’ve dreamed.

#6 – You consider what you do to be an act of service or calling.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs see their businesses as an extension of their personal life mission. It’s not just a job or a career; it’s a vehicle for the change you’re creating in the world. Your business is a heart-felt service and a soul aligned calling that motivates you.

#7 – Traditional marketing and sales tactics aren't your thing.

You can’t stand the gross Business as Usual strategies promoted by the most popular marketing and sales gurus. Why? Because the energy of scarcity, lack and FOMO is not aligned with your personal beliefs. If you try to use psychological tactics to manipulate others into buying from you, it may even make you physically ill.

#8 – You help your clients change their lives, but you aren’t here to do it for them.

“Give someone a fish; feed them for a day. Teach them to fish; feed them for a lifetime.” You’re here to empower your clients and customers to create their own transformations. You’re the guide who helps them find their own wisdom and truth within. As a teacher and expert, you knows that the true authority lies within your clients.

#9 – You believe in following your intuition, even when it doesn’t “make sense.”

You’ve followed the rules of business and ignored your own intuition for too long. While you may still experience that Head vs. Heart conflict, you’re learning to trust what you know deep inside, even when it seems to conflict with logic, reason and traditional business practices. You make a practice of tuning into your guidance and going with whatever comes.

#10 – You love helping others.

Helping people is one of your favorite things to do. You may practice random acts of kindness, devote your time to charities, or make a habit of smiling at strangers. People naturally turn to you for assistance, and it’s your pleasure to help them.

How to Create a Thriving, Soul Aligned Spiritual Business

There’s no template out there for creating the one-of-a-kind business you’re inspired to bring into the world.

That’s because it’s an extension of you, your passionate beliefs, and the difference you want to make in the world…vibrant with your personality and enhanced by your unique talents and experience.

There’s no one who can deliver what you do exactly how you do it — and a one-size-fits all Business Plan isn’t going to cut it.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs need to discover their own way of living and doing business. It’s a grand experiment that yields dividends in terms of impact, fulfillment and abundance in your life and the lives of your clients.

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