4 Passive Income Ideas That Earn $5000+ A Month Online....

Let's dive into the ultimate treasure hunt of generating $5,000 or more every month from the comfort of your home. 

Picture this: you, lounging with your laptop, sipping coffee, and watching those digits multiply while you sleep. Intrigued? Hold tight and embrace the witty ride as we explore these four avenues to passive riches.

P.S. I saved my personal favorite for last - let's go!

1: Build Out Your Own Online Course

Online courses – this is where your expertise transforms into cash flow. Merge the things you know into a stream of passive profit. Now that's a recipe for success! Create a course that tackles a pressing issue, sprinkle it with your unique charm, and voila! Whether you're the ultimate DIY guru or a marketing maven, your course is the PERFECT way to turn your presence into profits!


There are amazing sites you can use for your course from free platforms like Thinkific or system.io. You can also consider 3rd party platforms but they will take a cut of the profits. If you want to have full blown sales pages plus a website and loads of other feature consider coursepad.io. They do have a monthly fee of $97 but the features you get far outweigh cost. For me, it actually saved me money because I was able to cancel other services I no longer needed.


If you just have no idea what topic you'd create a course then you need to scroll down to #4 - my personal favorite way to launch and online business fast!!

2: Small But Mighty – Tiny Digital Products

Let's talk tiny digital products that pack a punch without breaking the bank. Think ebooks, planners, templates – your online arsenal for brand building. They're the "Hello, nice to meet you" gifts, laying the path for grander connections. While they're not the golden goose of earnings, when coupled with high-ticket offerings, they craft a comfy cushion for those launch-less days. Remember, even small steps can lead to a giant leap!


What I love about tiny offers is they can be a lead in to your bigger offers! This is the beauty of a funnel with up-sells. The tiny offer can cover your regular costs where the up-sells into your bigger courses etc are your profit. It's beautiful!!


Pairing your low ticket offers with high ticket offers can pack a huge punch into really growing your income! It's also a great way to grow an email list with highly qualified buyers.

3: Affiliate Marketing

This is the world of commissions. Choose your products – may be a coaching program or an online course - and market them wherever your peeps hang out. This may be on social channels like Instagram or TikTok or may be it through a YouTube channel, a blog, or your very own affiliate program.


Regardless of what type of product you choose the biggest goal is creating trust with your audience.


4: And My Overall Fav! Master Reseller Rights

My absolute favorite way of all to create wealth and passive income quickly. Master Reseller Rights!!

At its core, Master Reseller Rights (MRR) is a licensing agreement that grants you the authority rebrand and sell a digital product and also pass on the rights for others to resell it as well. Essentially, when you buy an MRR product, you own it and you gain the power to not only sell it for 100% profit but also offer others the opportunity to sell it as well.


Here are some of the benefit's with MRR:

  • Instant Business Setup: Imagine stepping into a ready-made online business. With master reseller rights, you can skip the painstaking process of product creation and dive right into the selling game. It could take up to 9 months to create an online course from scratch. But with MRR you are able to rebrand, create a sales pages, email sequences etc in 3 days!
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: MRR allows you to tap into multiple revenue streams quickly. This can substantially increase your income potential compared to traditional reselling.
  • Time and Effort Savings: As a master reseller, you're saving a TON of time compared to creating a course from scratch. Even better the course that I recommend below actually teaches you how to do it along with selling it along with creating your own course when you're ready.
  • Scalability: The scalability of your business becomes significantly easier with MRR. As you help others with their business as well, the potential for exponential growth increases without requiring proportional increases in your own efforts.
  • Branding Flexibility: Master reseller rights often allow you to rebrand the products with your own logo, company name, and personal touches. This ensures your brand identity remains intact while offering quality products to your audience.
  • No Need for Expertise: Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, master reseller rights provide an avenue for success without requiring you to be an industry expert.

    Choosing The Right Products For Master Reseller Rights

    While the concept of MRR is exciting, it's crucial to select the right products to maximize its benefits. Here are some considerations:


    Quality: The product or service you're offering must be of high quality. Reputation is everything in the online business world, and you don't want your brand tarnished by subpar offerings.


    Value: Ensure that the product adds value to your target audience. A product that solves a problem or fulfills a need is more likely to gain traction.


    Uniqueness: If the product is widely available, your resellers might face stiff competition. Look for products with unique selling points that set them apart.


    Demand: Research the market demand for the product. A product that is in high demand has a better chance of attracting resellers and customers.


    If this sounds like the avenue that's for you check out the Master Resell Rights course I have for you...


    The Roadmap 2.0: Digital Marketing Mastery for Spiritual Entrepreneurs with Master Reseller Rights - Learn More


    The Roadmap 2.0 with master reseller rights is for you if:
    1) You don't have a course topic idea (yet)
    2) You have limited time to create an online business
    3.) You are brand new to an online business but want to launch fast and learn the ropes as you go.

    These 3 reasons is MRR in a nutshell and the Roadmap 2.0: Digital Marketing Mastery for Spiritual Entrepreneurs is the #1 MRR course available today. Complete with an active online community, ongoing trainings and support every step of the way!


    Here’s the impact this business can have:
    • 1 sale = $497 = makes back your investment
    • 2 sales = $497 profit!
    • 1 sale/week = $1988 per month!
    • 1 sale/day = $14,910 per month!
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