What August’s Full Moon in Pisces means for your zodiac sign

This August ends with yet another full moon — the second of the month.

The full moon rises on Aug. 30 at 9:35 p.m. ET. This is the first blue moon since August 2021. The next one will be in August 2024; after that, May 2027.

What is the astrological meaning of August 2023’s full moon?

This super blue moon occurs in the zodiac sign Pisces, making it a time of heightened emotion, intuition, desire, inventiveness, and imagination.

It’s a moment to lean in and commit to our innermost dreams and visions — also, to make heartfelt decisions about relationships. With Saturn retrograde aligning with the moon, we have the opportunity to make our hopes and goals real. We can get started manifesting our passions and they have an actual chance of happening in reality. Roll up your sleeves and get to work! 

How August’s blue moon will affect your sign


It’s totally OK if you choose to check out from the social scene during this lunation. Spend time focusing on yourself and taking care of your needs. The more time you give to reconnecting with yourself, the easier it’ll be to align your body with your mind, heart, and spirit. 


Join a moon circle online or in person to feel as though you’re a part of a community. You’ll be able to share your secrets without any fall back, which may help you heal.


A project is wrapping up, making you question what’s next and if you’ll be able to maintain the success you have. The scope of your career is changing, but for the better — so keep your eye on the prize. One professional door closes and another one is opening. 


You are wanting to explore the world and lean into your wanderlust, but you're unsure of where to go. Consider picking a familiar location that you can navigate easily. Comfort and memories are important for your nostalgic and sentimental soul now. 


Your intuition is on hyperdrive at the moment, giving you the ability to see matters from a different viewpoint. The only problem is that all the retrograde planets might distort the reality of situations, which is why it is best to think things through before coming to a finite decision.  


Clearing the air with those you care about and building a stronger foundation with your significant other will leave everyone on good terms — that is, if you opt to work on matters and have patience in doing so. This will create a deeper and compassionate understanding of all parties involved. 


You’ve been burning the candle at both ends, resulting from all the late nights spent at work. Utilize the energy of the Blue Moon by taking advantage of the transcendent power of Pisces. Take a meditative and relaxing bath with seasonal flowers and soft romantic tunes playing in the background.


Your artistic talents are on fire. Sketch, draw, or paint your heart out knowing that the creations you make are marvelous. The more you believe in yourself and embrace your talents  — the easier it’ll be to express your feelings through art and show off your gifts to the world. 


Recent family matters are bringing you closer than ever with your brood. Be sure to spend time reminiscing and sharing laughs with your relatives. This will make you feel as though you’re part of something bigger than yourself and help you in finding your place in the universe at large. 


Your communication skills could use some fine tuning, as you are too lost in your emotions to state your thoughts clearly. Take a breath and try to say what you feel in the moment or at least send an email denoting your sentiments that you can’t express verbally right now. 


Your financial situation is in flux, making you yearn for a bigger payday from work. Don’t shy away from asking for a raise. Truth be told, you deserve it and should not feel as though you can’t speak up. You earned it through working hard — now, ask for your worth.  


All of the intense energy from the full moon may lead to heightened anxiety. You’re a sensitive person and can’t handle the current cosmic temperature, which is stressful for you. Self-care, fresh air, and good vibes will help get you through these roller coaster of emotions. 

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